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Brit Pillow Shams

Made of 100% dupioni silk and trimmed with lace, these pillow shams are outstanding. Written on the pillow shams in gold and platinum are the Hebrew phrases welcoming the baby into the Jewish community and wishing him a life filled with Torah, chuppah and the doing of good deeds. The pillow shams are decorated with vines and birds and the center is left to be filled in with the name of the baby. The pillow shams are available for overnight delivery. For more information contact Marlena Schwartzman at


Dupioni Silk Brit Pillowsham Trimmed with Lace, with Birds and Peacocks, can be Personalized with Baby's Name.

Available with Gold Lettering outlined with Platinum or Platinum Lettering outlined with Gold. Fits standard pillow.


Tallit Atarah - $155.00

This is an exceptional value - a handpainted Tallit Atarah (meant to be attached around to the collar of the tallit). Painted on Dupioni silk and lined with satin, these atarahs can be ordered in any color and, of course, like all the art on this site, personalized.  This one features Jerusalem in gold and copper as well as the bracha surrounded by pomegranates.  Please contact to discuss design options.


Image Magazine has been serving the Sephardic Jewish Community in the New York tri-state area for 20 years and is expanding. You can enjoy the entire magazine which is now available on their website in pdf form.